About Me

I am a wife and mother of two kiddos who are 14 months apart (yes that is important to note), a teacher, daughter and friend.  I believe there is hope when you are hopeless, joy when you can't see it, and that our gut mama instincts save lives, especially our own life when the darkness is there.

I have this stupid idea that I can do it all even though I can't. I was pregnant for two years, and it rocked my world. My dream job is, yes, to be a stay at home super mom, and someday I believe it will happen. I encourage others because I know I need to be encouraged. I'm excited about my life as I start to determine who I am in my 30's. Hopefully, as you read you will see that you are not the only who feels like they are split between what they want and what they have to do- all the while cooking, cleaning,shopping, washing, running, driving, eating, sleeping and loving.

I struggle daily with being a working mom, but this is where the Lord has me right now. So as I write, I will share my failures and my success- and why I don't want to be superwoman, she can have her job back.