Monday, April 14, 2008

April it is

Okay, so its April. I've been thoughtful lately. More so than normal I guess. About life and death. I've lost both my grandfathers. Poppy and Grandaddy. Close to one and not the other. I'm left with my grandmas. I just got back from three days in Charleston. Much needed time, because what if that is the last conversation?? I often think that I need to write a will or my thoughts down, so that people will be left with something from me, just in case it was our last talk. I know its morbid, but if you live life considering the fact that it could be over in a split second, we might make better choices. Try not to be rude, tell people we love them, call our parents regularly, be honest about our beliefs and the way that we spend out lives. I'm still thinking, but I'm sure there will a follow up. Life is short.

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Andrea said...

Hi Courtney!
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your grandpa's. I only have one Grammy left and she is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. It's tough because the rare times I do get to see her, I can't even hold a real conversation with her anymore since she forgets from one minute to the next and sometimes even questions who I am :( Although I'm glad she's still with us, it makes me sad at the same time that she's seemingly already "gone." Definitely appreciate the time you have left with your grammy's because just as life can be short in the physical sense, it may be even shorter mentally.