Saturday, August 30, 2014

Oh Hey Friday.... I'm Late

We just finished our first full week back to school, so I'm late! I'm late, for an important date!

So here is my OH HEY FRIDAY!  5 things of my FAVORITE things!

1.  I love ice coffee...  It's a mini brain vacation!   I float away while having this drink... and I relax and take a mental step away from stress.  Two rules for my ice coffee, must be dark.  Must still taste like coffee... I make my own mean pitcher usually... but will also get starbucks sometimes!

2. Amazing Grade Perfume, since using essential oils a lot more, I haven't worn perfume as much.  However, my hubby recently replenished my supply for our anniversary.  I LOVE the way this perfume smells its divine.  I tend to spray it in my hair and even when I can't smell it any more, other people can!

3. Red hair... I love my red hair, and I couldn't always say that.  I wish it wasn't getting lighter and lighter with age, because now people will say STRAWBERRY BLOND.... well you just shut your mouth!!!  It took me forever to be proud of my freckles and red hair, and now I can't give it up! Someday when my hair decides to stop hiding the grays that are up there, I'll dye it darker red... can't wait!

4. Boots!  Summer is great and all, but too hot for boots.  Best thing about fall and winter is WEARING BOOTS!!!!!!  Super cute on everyone! I love a great brown boot, to wear with dresses and jean jackets... of course you gotta have a great scarf!

5. Farmer's Market... we have a great one.  Not only do I get the best veggies and fruits for my family, I can also afford them!  If you are local, check out Winecoff Farmer's Market off of Winecoff Rd.

These are a few of my favorite things... 

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