Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh yeah, it's big out there!

Tonight I was grilling my chicken outside on our fun new deck, and the crazy next door neighbor (they do drugs... I swear!), yells "HEY COURTNEY" so I yell my hello and behind my sunglasses watch her get in to her car while her 4 year old is in the driveway and back out. My judgemental self... is like, what the hell is she doing? But then I realize that she is JUST moving the car so the kid can ride his bike in the safety zone and not in the street. So, after I told God I was sorry for judging, I remembered what it was like when my dad would move the cars out of the driveway. It seemed SO BIG! I had so much room to skate (w/ 4 wheels, of course), ride my bike, play basketball... I was so small. And although at that time my world was as small as it will ever be that I can remember... it seemed freakin HUGE! My perspective has changed so much over my almost 28 years of life. The driveway is no longer big to me. Its just a place I drive to park my car. The world is my place now, my job, my church, my starbucks! There is so much out there past the driveway.


mollywarner said...

This is such an adorable post, Court. I remember feeling the same way about our driveway; we could play a whole "half court" game of basketball on it! You guys had some serious car parking strategies for getting 4 cars parked nightly on your driveway! Ha! Man, the old driveway...thanks for the memories!

Courtney said...

I know. The backyard was our rainforest and jungle, the driveway was our highway and parking lots. It was so huge to me then! Gosh, remember trying to park around there! That was so crazy!!