Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Me Updates

Just thought I would post some random updates. I'm doing well. This year, although still challenging, is cake compared to last years fight with national boards. I won't find out about them until November or December... which is coming up! I'm trying not to worry about passing or failing. My friends are all having babies! Adrian just had a her little girl, Addison on September 17. Addison is so cute! My friends Hillary and Libba are both prego! And beautiful in their changing bodies! Its crazy to see how women carry babies... it is always amazing to see the change take place. I'm so enjoying the change in weather. Terrance has been building us fires in our fire pit nightly. Its a weekend thing, with a glass of wine and a beer in hand. Music playing fluidly through the stars. I love the nightly sky interrupted by the snorting Parker. I've been going to the library on Saturdays. Then to Starbucks with my coins in hand. We have rhapsody now, and music is just a click away. I love it. Its worth the $15 a month. I've been exploring Concord and Kannapolis a little bit more, especially since gas is ridiculous. There are some adorable gift stores in downtown Concord... bet you didn't know we had a downtown! They have some unique pieces. I'm sure I'll have more later! XOXOX

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stacey said...

Have you tried the restaurant The Ibis in Concord? It's Caribbean & very good!! It's about a block from the Courthouse in downtown Concord. Look it up & go visit! It seems like a random location when you drive up and they have not had a lot of business (from the location, I think). But it's great food!
We still need to have you guys over!
Stacey Lanier