Saturday, January 24, 2009

Even Still

I know a lot of people are not okay with our new democratic president B-Rocko Bama has my students call him... however, how can you not be proud that our president is biracial. Yes. Biracial. I know that I may be a little bit biased seeing as how any children that I have in the future will be of mixed descent. America has always vocalized the land of the free and home of the brave, but it wasn't always. And even though its gotten better, racism still exists today. We don't always see it if we don't have to or if all of our friends are white or all of our friends are black. It has bothered me how on every news channel Barack is black, only. But when they tell his past story they talk about his white mom. In the end it doesn't really matter, except that it does. The presidential face we see now is one that a lot more people can identify with. Even if you are not democratic, which I am not, I am proud that our country is growing. I felt that I really understood what it meant to be proud to be an American, because honestly I hadn't really cared about that part before. Love to hear your thoughts on the issue... Talking to my first grade students about how Obama is now officially our president this week got me thinking. This is a big event in our lives. I hope that they won't forget it.


Kelly Christine said...

having my own little biracial child i am proud that i live in a country where his future accomplishments have no ceiling. that part of the presidential election excites me, but thats where my excitement ends :)

i enjoy your writing, i'm sure i will be back!

court said...

Thank you Kelly for reading! I'm so honored to have you checking out my blog!