Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rodeo or Circus- it's just crazy

I used to think that I was a mess of a mom if my babies went to the pediatrician with dirty, waxy ears.  Now ear wax is the least of my concerns.  I'm thankful they get baths once or twice a week... they were in the pool, right?  Isn't that clean enough.  I washed their faces and hands after they ate... does that count?  The second child changes everything, especially when I'm by myself.  They always outnumber me, and plan accordingly.  14 months apart, and if I do have help- Daddy, Nana or Aunties... a two to two ratio is still bull riding in a rodeo.  We're both wrangling our wild bulls in constantly, hoping they will be quiet, play nicely, or sleep peacefully.  Daddy and Mommy might both be doing the wild dance keeping the kids entertained, and you call that family time, by the way, you feel relief and slightly crazed when you make it to bed or nap time.  You have to work hard to invest in your spouse afterwards.  To remember to ask the important questions, feel that you've been heard, and receive what is being said to you.  Maybe even have a good laugh (and a great glass of wine) before you all fall asleep. 
I'm exhausted just writing all this.  My point-  this is a circus.  Not only do you need two of everything- sippy cups, diapers, night nights, toys, blankies, you name it-  you need to remember where you put it, who ate what last, did I change that diaper, potty training, time out for the punching two year old, see if you can remember showering today, and work hard to enjoy the quiet moments that you do get. 

I have also learned to choose my battles... bath time may not happen.  I might throw them in the shower with daddy on a Sunday morning though.  We might not get out of the house for three days in a row, and church might be skipped for a month or more.  Date night will be dinner after the kids are sleeping, by the firepit, no phones or distractions, no babysitter.

Thankfully- The Lord is my shepherd- He makes me lie down in green pastures- He restores my soul

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Kristin said...

Completely understand. This is my exact life. Every word and moment. I'm also glad my kids aren't the only ones who get bathed only once a week :/