Sunday, August 19, 2012

Be Still

Let me say that I am super proud of my man.  He has his masters, he works a full time job as a teacher and a part time job selling large appliances.  He is a daddy to two kids, and a best friend and husband to a wild woman ( yes, me). Since he graduated and we've had kids, he has looked and looked and applied and applied for an AP job.  He has worked with stellar confidence and pursuit of his passion for education.  He had two AP interviews in this past month, and had a second interview for one of them.  From what I can tell, he really made them think, but they went with middle school experience instead of the elementary.  I am still proud and thankful for this experience, and yes, of course, we were both disappointed. 

Most of my friends know that this possibility could, fingers crossed, give me my dream job- stay at home mom.  So, now you can see how sad could have happened.  I asked the Lord to protect my heart in all of this, and praise- He did. 

There are a lot of moms who work with one foot in and one foot out the door.  We are constantly multi tasking, juggling work requirements and expectations and home necessities and desires.  Add two toddlers in all that and you're back at the circus.

This is what I keep hearing. 

Psalm 46: 10 Be still, and know that I am God.

Be still.

It would be much easier to crawl into a dark place and run away.  I am not called to that, however.  I choose to let the "matchless maker remake me" (Mark Upton guest speaker at church today) In all my conversations and threads of people in my life, we are all going through "it".  Something wild, you didn't think would happen to you.  Something wild, I didn't think would be my story.  But it is.  Now what will we do? 

Be still.  I am.  God.

What then, shall you choose?

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Anonymous said...

Love this post Court. There's a song of the same title "Be Still" done by The Imperials (back in the 80's). Was my favorite tune. Some times all we can do is be still and know that he is God. It is a privilege and a blessing to sit quietly before our God. My experience has shown me that God answers prayer. Sometimes in the most unusual answer we didn't think of! Keep the faith sister!