Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Falling into Place

Back to work, means that there is a count down before the first day of school.  Coffee first thing, and the buzz gets started. We are all getting ready, cleaning the dust, putting up the new colorful boarders and designs.  Choosing themes, burning ourselves with hot glue guns, and getting nervous about meeting new students and new parents.  Planning a few weeks of lessons to start off with.  Attending trainings and meetings.  Picking out our new calendars (Mine says, I love Nerds.)

It's a bunch.  It's a lot. It's wild and crazy and could even eat you alive.  I don't want it to suck me in and steal my joy.  I don't want to allow it the excitement of stealing my personal time.  There is balance in all of this.  A friend asked me how I do this... since she doesn't have kids or a husband and was just dying to take a nap.  "Kids come first" I said.  "And everything else falls into place." 

Some weeks it doesn't fall into place the way that I would prefer.  Husband gets tossed aside.  Me time is lost in the shuffle.  Exercise who?  I can feel this happening already.  My circus tent just added another act.  Thankfully this is an act I've done before.  I'm just praying "it" doesn't get me (and all my other teachers out there), everything will fall into all the right places soon enough.

I love nerds.

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