Friday, September 14, 2012

List of Thankfulness: 32 Years

32 years ago, I was born.  My dark haired brown eyed mom, and dark haired blue eyed dad, looked into the eyes of a blue eyed, red head.  Their first born.  They were shocked to see that bright red hair.  I'm sure they would say that I am your typical first born child.   Responsible, leader, motherly...  Clearly, firstborns are natural leaders. They also tend to be reliable, conscientious and perfectionists who don't like surprises. Although, firstborns are typically aggressive, many are also compliant people pleasers. They are model children who have a strong need for approval from anyone in charge. Found this online... clearly me.  Yikes!

So in celebration of life, my life.  My most thankful moments in 32 years. 

1.  September 15, 1980.  I think its cool to be an 80's baby.  I love the number 15.  I love September, school has started back , the fall is coming.  No more bathing suits.  We can wear fun colors and jeans and its the best.

2. Born in Charlotte NC  Presby Baby!!  Lived in Charleston, SC; Ohio and back in Charlotte, NC.  Currently in Kannapolis.  I am proud to live and love the South. My favorite place is the Beach.  Nothing compares to the salty smell and gusts of wind.

3. I don't remember much about being little.  I remember growing up with my sisters. Green Ohio grass, salty Charleston waters. A fun trip to Disney.  Camping every summer.  We had a pop-up camper.  I was a dad's helper.  I loved basketball and being with him.  I loved family movie nights on Fridays.  Eventually those nights became Dawson's Creek & Felicity extravaganzas.

4.  The day that my brother was adopted.  This is a huge event in my life. Most precious and memorable, watching my proud parents walk off the plane with the cutest Charlotte Hornets decked out toddler, ever.  He had huge brown eyes, and beautiful warm brown skin. He spoke baby spanish, and learned english quickly.  He opened my eyes to love that sees color and yet sees past color. 

5. Middle School.  I was homeschooled until 7th grade.  The first time I stepped into a classroom, was Covenant Day School.  Where I have so many amazing memories, learned to be my own person, and laughed all the time. (Right?)  We met in 7th grade, and are still friends to this day. I have super love for these people and if they ever needed me, even though we don't talk every day. I would be there in a heartbeat. 

6. My first year of college, I met two amazing people.  My roommate that year and a guy named Ethan.  We were a trio, and had so many laughing marathons.  I wish every year of college had been that wonderful for me.
Graduating from UNCC where I met an amazing woman, who is now a dear friend, Missy.  It took me 5 years but I did it.  And then started my first year of teaching.

7. Being an Aunt!

8. My first teaching job, I ended up staying their for 7 years. The people at this school love kids and that's why they persevere through the most insane situations.  I can't believe I've been a teacher for 8 years.  Seems impossible.  Although teaching has taken a back burner to having kids and being a mom.  I do love it, I am good at it, and I do enjoy seeing kids learn.  It's a blessing to have a job that I enjoy. 

9.  The day that I met my husband.  I saw this handsome 3rd grade teacher, carrying a motorcycle helmet.  He had the most amazing smile.  We had mutual friends, and started hanging out.  As we fell in love, he was always one step ahead of me.  Ready for our lives to be intertwined, and I fell in line behind him.  Saying yes.  Getting married.  And having a family.  I am so thankful to meet a guy from NY, and be his partner in this life. 

10. Becoming a mom has changed my life.  Having children, the process of being pregnant. Finding out what a woman's body can do, and how we are created to create.  Learning to deal with motherly emotions, and knowing that I get to be a mom.  Understanding even more depth of what my own mom went through, it's like I've been accepted into the sorority of womanhood. 

My neice & I
 My brother & I, visiting me at college.
 September 15, 1980. Day of birth.
 Pregnant with Nola.  9th month
80's Toddler
 Terrance & I
 My sister, brother & I . I'm in college
Home from college. Go Volvo. With my sister Ellen.
 My Nola Ryleigh
 Pregnant with Nate.  Terrance's 30th birthday. Yes, the Race Track.
 Pregnant with Nate. 8 or 9th month.
My dear friend Missy & I at her bachelorette.
 Nate & I with my mom.  She's beautiful.

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