Saturday, October 20, 2012

List of Thankfulness: This week

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October 15- 19 proved to be another wild working mom week for me.  5 straight days of non stop, forgetful, unplanned, running behind, unable to catch up, event packed, refusal to potty train, attempting to cook, week for this mom.

As soon as I wake up every morning til the moment I fall asleep- my life is in motion.  Here's a day in the life of the teacher/mom.

Sunday night, make sure the house is clean for the week, and so our babysitter doesn't have to walk around in a gross house.  Or at least be sure the bathroom, kitchen and living room have been mopped, washed, vacuumed.  Ok.  Make enough dinner to have lunch for Monday.  Pack the lunches.  Wash the cloth diapers and the laundry for Monday.  So the kids can wear clean clothes, or at least have clean diapers. Play with the cuties til its time for bath and bed at 7 for Nola and typically 8 for Nate.  Terrance has worked today from 1-6.  We try to catch up.  I will go to bed at 9 pm.

Monday, 5 am.  Get up and get ready for work.  6 am get in the car and drive to work.  6:30 am start getting my classroom ready for the week.  Start writing lesson plans for the next week.  Look at lesson plans for today.

Students arrive at 7:30, eat breakfast in the classroom, copy homework for Tuesday and unpack book bags. 8:00 announcements, 8-8:30 Accelerated Reader time, 8:30-9 Vocabulary Centers, 9-9:30 Whole Group Reading Lesson, 9:30- Students go to specials, and I finally get to eat something and go pee since my breakfast at 5:45 am.  I get as much planning done as possible in the remaining 25 minutes and pick students up at 10.  10-10:50 Intensive Reading Groups. 11:00 lunch time.  We all go to the cafeteria and eat as fast as possible.  I grade papers during lunch.  11:30 Recess til 11:50, 11:55 Math and 12:45 Intervention time, time to catch up on anything kids need help with.  1:15 Accelerated Math, 1:45 Social Studies or Science, 2:15 Pack up and get ready for Dismissal.  2:30 dismiss kids to cars and buses, Come back to class and plan, grade papers, clean room, get ready for next day til 3:15, and go home.

3:15 drive home, enjoy the quietest part of my day by myself. 3:45 Walk through the door, Open arms to joyful babies, and Say goodbye and thank you to nanny.  Prep and cook dinner. Change 2 poopy diapers, get juices, get snacks, put the tv on Nate's show. Cook with Nola around my feet, and wish I could pee in peace. 4:30 T is home.  Eat around 5, play play play til 7ish.  Bath and Bed.  Get ready to do it again tomorrow.

I feel stressed just writing that down.
This is all why it is important for me to be intentional about being thankful.

So- here it goes.

1. Fresh air.  Being cooped up indoors all day long, I crave fresh air. 

2. This week a student wrote on her spelling test...
                13. I love you Mrs. Crawford.   obviously, there was no #13.    Great thing to read on a Friday.  Clever and cute!

3. I'm thankful I haven't given up on Potty Training yet.  He seems ready with me, but not interested in having any one else help him when I'm not home.

4. A mom who is encouraging and so understanding.  I still need her.

5. Friends who understand why I don't call them often and love me anyways.

6. Music.  Calms the heart & mind.

7. Nola walked up to me today with the remote in her hand, asking for Little Bill.  When I ask her, "Who loves you Nola?"  She says, "Nate".  Adore.

8. Routines.  I like knowing what to expect, even when I need to be flexible for the surprises.

9. My friend is due any day now with her second baby!  I'm excited.

10. I have a really brave sister.

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