Saturday, October 13, 2012

List of Thankfulness: Autumn

I love Autumn.  It is hands down my favorite time of year.  Football, pumpkin lattes, sweaters, boots, and scarves...

Cheers to being Thankful!

1.  Trees are starting to change colors. It is beautiful to see the earth reflect God's glory.  Glorious colors, golden yellow, ripe reds, and vibrant oranges.

2. Pumpkin Patch Time!  WE made it this morning to the pumpkin patch and it was EXACTLY what you should always hope for!  Hodges Family Farms, had horses, cows, chickens, and pigs, a cute hay ride, with sunflowers and pumpkins growing everywhere!  I can't wait to post pictures!

3.  Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee... really, need I say more?  Save some money on that latte and just have them add it to your ice coffee... yum. y.u.m.

4. Knee High Boots, of all colors and fun skinny jeans... long sweaters and great cheerful scarves... I love all of this.  It is perfect for a breezy fall trip to the farmer's market, and playing outside with my kiddos.  So fun to look simple and cute and get dirty!

5. New hair cut!  I left 4 inches in the dust last Saturday.  I warned my hair stylist that I was ready, after almost 8 years!!!! practically my entire marriage... Although I think there was a terrible shorter accidental hair cut in between... This time its cute, kind of a longer bob.  I feel like I am a big girl, with a fun mature hair style.  The long long hair was starting to get me down, and be such a drag to fix every morning. 

6. Grilling out. I love grilling out with fresh veggies and chicken or steak.  I know I grill out all the time, but there is something about being able to be outside and it isn't scalding hot. 

7. The beginning of the school year is over.  I do not like the beginning of the year.  You have to create a bond with the kids, and it takes some time.  Finally we have a bond, they know me and I know them better.  I have a rapport with the parents and are really getting to teach some good stuff!

8. Nola-  my little Nolaprise update!  She is so big, about 16 months now and talking, talking, talking.  She adores her daddy and big brother... thankfully is a mommy's girl :) 

9. Nate- such a little man.  He has started to sometimes call me, "mom" instead of mommy... although heartbreaking, it is funny to hear him sound so old.  He is obsessed with watching youtube videos of horses and Elmo.

10.  Terrance- so busy.  Daddy has been so busy between teaching and Sears, I feel like I keep missing him.  You can pray that we seek each other even in the small moments of life, and pursue our marriage regularly!  I am blessed to have a husband that loves me so!

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