Saturday, November 17, 2012

Open to... life, love, & fierceness

I was open to life this week.  Letting the teachings of others fill me with new wisdom, their stories of strength through tragic times.  We all have a story.  We are all writing a story.  Until we die, and even then, our story might not be at its end.  Whoever you leave behind will carry your story.  Whoever you have imprinted on will always have a piece to share.

We walk around in this world closed.  Shut off and boarded up away from feeling.  Locked in to confinement, making ourselves look unwelcoming just in case someone thinks they can ask a real question about your real life. Scowling around the work place, looking angry even though we aren't, and never speaking to anyone we pass. 

It's ok. Just say hi.  A little hello can go a long way.  A smile can life one's spirits. 

For me words brighten my day.  Words from strangers, words from friends, words from loved ones, words from my children, written words, spoken words.  This week an article was shared by a friend of mine, which I in turn shared.  It is beautifully written, a sweet and simple concept, but yet profound, and breathtaking. 

I've started telling my daughter, I'm beautiful.  read it.  I'm still digesting it. 

Lastly, a note of thanks.  I'm thankful for other people's stories.  Adversity is among us and a mere conversation can open a world where you will be touched, and true story will inspire you to love more fiercely. 

Love more fiercely.

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