Friday, October 25, 2013

Flexible, kind of sort of. Or not.

There is this thing that people do that just doesn't work for me...

I have never been spontaneous.  I admit, I'm pretty much a proud scheduler.  These days, however, flexible is my middle name.  But only to a certain point.  Kids function better if they know what to expect next.  My students will not ask me, every day, for the millionth time, WHAT TIME IS LUNCH??? if they already know that every day lunch is after reading.  So I stick to my schedule.  And if its going to change, I'll give them a heads up a few times throughout the morning.

My children are the same way... if we are doing something fun or different they get a heads up the night before.  They know that certain days are Ms. Kim's days and certain days are Nana's days.  They know garbage day is Tuesday, and mommy's days are Saturdays and Sundays.  They understand that after Paw Patrol they take a nap.  These things are just ways to help them learn that transitions happen all the time, and we want them to be as smooth as possible.

When there is a poop blow out, or milk spills all over the floor, a tummy ache, a late babysitter, a husband with a late meeting... I'm flexible. 

Please, please do not tell me that I need time away, time to myself, blah blah blah... I know you mean well.  I get it.  Here's the deal... it is really hard for a mom to relax if things aren't going to run smoothly when she gets back. (Maybe this is just me.)  If I plan ahead, then I know that when I get home, lunches will already be packed for tomorrow, kids will be bathed and read to, my clothes will be clean.  There will not be more work waiting for me when I return.  I will also NOT worry about my kids while I'm trying to enjoy hanging out WITH you! I'll be able to focus on my coffee date, my girl time, my glass of wine, for goodness sakes...  and bask in the true definition of relaxing.  It is possible... it just needs a little help from a purposeful, kind of flexible, but not really schedule. 

Otherwise, I can relax just fine, and you can come over and hang out with my kids too. :)

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