Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Breath Taking Memories

We weren't sure how we wanted to celebrate our accomplishment of 2 years of married life. But I felt stupidly special all day long. I woke up and immediately remembered that two years ago today, I had walked down the isle to my incredibly emotional husband! I got ready, put the hair up, make up on, and the dress. All of my planning was falling into place and all of the stress was about to be worth while. Excitement was building, music was playing, the bridal party was all decked out and ready to go. Little memories were flashing through my mind as our song played. "I will stay with you"... August 6 came around again this year a little bit smoother than it did the year before. It was exciting to know that we can keep looking forward to our time together and see improvements and keep on making new memories. On this August 6, we went to visit a race car shop. It was a very "husband activity", but still fun. Then dinner just the two of us, simple casual, good wings, good drinks. Good conversation, not too serious, but loving enough! Hopping in the car, we then drove to Flying Saucer in University to have some drinks with Ellen & Michael! I don't know what I would do with out the relationship that I have with my sister. She is the youngest of the Killough Girls, and our relationship has drastically changed for the better as we have grown up. We couldn't have capped the night off any better. Laughing with E & M, roasting in the hot and gross humid air, waiting for our waitress who disappeared every thirty minutes. Tasting new and unknown beers. I looked at Terrance that night, knowing that it truly is the breath taking memories that are more important than the actual breaths that we take. I bought Terrance a little gift... a mug, to keep at home, or put on his teacher's desk, one day is principle's desk that says,

" Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away. " Anonymous

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jorge and libba said...

congratulations, lovebirds! it was so fun to celebrate with you over the weekend, and to remember standing beside you on your big day! busy as life is, i hope you know we still stand beside you!