Saturday, August 22, 2009

Class is back in Session: I've got the school blues

Its so hard to be excited about August. My husband and I celebrate our anniversary on the 6, then a couple weeks later we both go back to work. Hit the books... the planning... and get back into the intensity of the classroom. I know, you're saying, "get over it, you've been free as a bird all summer" but its different. We earn our summer, I promise. You know that reason... that you or maybe someone you know says, they would NEVER teach... well that's the reason we are exhausted. We thrive on the constant changes, challenges, and excitement when that kid finally GETS IT! However it is energy zapping, mind numbing work. So I always get the school blues when its time to go back. I'm looking at the bright side though... the cold weather is coming, the color of the leaves, and a new start to a new year. Fresh kids, fresh challenges, and fresh changes. That is the bright side. Thankfully there are always bright sides to the blues. :) best of luck to you kids and parents starting the new year... I promise your teacher is just as nervous and excited as you are!

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