Sunday, September 27, 2009

Things are a Changin'

A line from one of John Legend's songs keeps singing itself to me... things are a changin' oh yeah we have a baby on the way! Last week I typed up this post and in my preggo state hit new post instead of publish post, and its taken me a week to find my energy again. I'm 12 weeks pregnant. Happy and excited my husband and I have began to prepare for a child to come into our lives. After being married for four years we were ready to start planning for our own family. And here we are! I'm teaching 2nd grade now, and its keeping my mind off of being pregnant. Thankfully I only had 2 weeks of nausea, and daily exhaustion. I'm looking forward my energy level coming back during my second trimester. Hope to post some pictures soon! Not much to see.... :)

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