Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.

Today we were up early. You know, 8:30. Its pretty early for me now. Early used to be 6:30, but not any more. I ventured back to the dr's again! I think have been to the dr's in the past 11 months more than I have in my entire 30 years of life. This time, we were going back on birth control. It was so weird when I had it taken out and now its weird having it put back! I feel like I have so much control on whether another human being comes into this world or not. I know that I really don't have that much control, but it does seem that way. So, my mom graciously comes with me to the dr's and does her Nana thing downstairs while I go upstairs and have my cervix messed with YET again! I know that she loves watching Nate, and really any second she can just lay her eyes on him, she is in heaven. But I truly appreciate her being so flexible and loving on him.

Nate has a great 30 minutes with her, but the last 15 he is tired and wants no part of mama's milk in a bottle, so the crying begins. I'm sure its not that bad, really, but I came out of the office, and heard crying. Thought, hmmm that sounds like my baby. And it was! I was right, I can finally recognize his sounds, his cry! I come around the corner and give Nana a break, but before I am holding him, this lady says, "everybody comes around when they hear a baby crying"... no lady, this is my baby, I'm coming to meet his needs!!

Apparently, Nana had to come upstairs to the dr's waiting room to escape 3 old ladies who thought something was wrong with the baby. They didn't like the way she was giving him the bottle, or that he was crying for longer than 3 minutes... poor Nana!! She's a pro! She's raised her own 4 kids, and been a wonderful Nana to 2 other grandbabies... plus she takes care of my dad!!

Last irritating senario of the day. We head to Target to look for my sister's bday present. Walking into the dressing room and this woman says, "He's so sweet, I hope he stays that way."

EXCUSE ME? Are you insane? How rude of a comment!

Today's life lesson, don't say anything to anyone with children unless its encouraging!

In FACT just don't say anything to anyone at all unless its helpful!

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