Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some things you just don't compromise...

I feel as though I have less time than I ever had before. Baby+Hubby+Job+TakingCareofMyself+Sleep= Not much time!!!!!!

There are certain things that can't be compromised, however, even though they could possibly be seen as a hassle or inconvenient...

Breastfeeding!!! when I'm with Nathaniel breastfeeding is much easier for us, because its what we're used to. Me getting out bottles and such is a mess, I forget stuff! Just let me whip out my boob! However, pumping at work is hard. Remembering tubes, bags, pump parts, ice packs, the PUMP for goodness sakes, and then remember to pump ON TIME!!!  I won't give this up though, its best for my baby and important for our time together, not to mention saving us tons of money!!!

Cloth diapers!!! I LOVE my cloth diapers! I use the FLIPS system, and it is wonderful. No big poopy blowouts all over clothes... but it wouldn't be possible if my wonderful mom and babysitter weren't willing to learn and continue cloth while I wasn't home. It is also super fun having dirty diaper laundry in my car after work, which of course is more laundry during the week than I've ever done in my LIFE!

Cooking!!! Now I would LOVE to hire a chef, a meal service, or at least someone to clean, but the goal is to save money! So I'm still cooking, and some of my meals have been from the freezer. Its been hard getting back into the swing of working, loving on Nate and then cooking a meal! I won't compromise veggies and healthy cooking though. Even if it comes from the freezer a couple of nights! I try to cook a couple of meals on Sunday afternoons, but that isn't always possible either.

Time for Me!!! Well, it does look different now. I wish that it was more along the lines of a pedicure, BUT (high pitched voice) like I said, saving money! Time for me right now means time with my little one. I need this time with him for my own benefit. Showers, dove dark chocolate (my splurge), coffee, farmers market on a saturday morning after a trip to starbucks (usually I make my own), glass of merlot, and time with hubby. Time with hubby is weird right now... we're trying to get into a routine, but working at different schools and him working part time, and my part time baby raising/cooking/cleaning has us both SO tired!!!! read between the lines, and you got it! not enough time for us yet, but we're working on it!

We have to set priorities, and fight daily to preserve the love and family that we have created and want to continue to strengthen...

I have found a lot of peace in a verse in Psalms. The Lord hears our sighs. When I have no more words, and I breathe deeply my Lord hears my heart. A true blessing.

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