Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stopping By

I need to stop by my own blog more often. Things have been so busy though. The cleanliness of my home is taking a hit. Thankfully my husband vacuums ... Anyways, not much has changed. I am still a working mama, and it is still challenging. I still work in a difficult environment, but do my best to leave it at work and not bring it home. T & I are figuring out this balancing act of working full and part time jobs, parenting and loving N, cooking and cleaning and some sort of social activities.

I just turned 30. I love being 30. It is a great thing to feel that I am becoming more of who the Lord wants me to be. Being a mom has opened my eyes to many things.... such as:
  • all doors should be automatic, if you see a mama struggling with a baby and stroller to get a door open, don't just walk around her.
  • people are idiots " oh, your Mrs. Crawford, someone described you to be much skinnier" rude comment from someone I met recently.
  • breast feeding is the hardest thing I have ever done and it is also the most amazing thing.
  • love cloth diapers
  • babies are amazing creatures.

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Kristin said...

You've got to be kidding!!! I can't believe someone said that to you! Geez, people are rude!