Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Little Nolaprise

When Nathaniel was 6 months old, a little surprise was brewing inside of me, a Nolaprise. I had no idea I was pregnant, I was so busy and tired, I don't remember time for that. I was exhausted.  I was working and taking care of him, up and down at night still. I think that I would have lost my mind if I had found out at that point. I believe that Jesus was protecting me and keeping Nola and secret until He knew I was capable. This is definitely a place in my life that I can see how He prepares, loves and cares for me.

My little Nolaprise is such a joy. I found out I was pregnant at 4 months, but I thought I was just a few weeks. I kept dreaming that I was pregnant so I decided to take a test and all three of them were positive. It was Saturday, as my stomach flipped and flipped, I fed Nathaniel lunch and waited for my husband to come home so that I could tell him about his new baby growing inside of me. He had been out taking a test for school while I took a test for a baby. Mine was positive and later we found out that he had positively passed also. Needless to say he was shocked, and kept saying, "but we have a baby". It was just so hard to picture another baby while Nathaniel was still so little.

Nolaprise grew and grew and she has bloomed into something sweet and juicy. She laughs all the time. Before I couldn't imagine having to split myself in two and love another child as much as I love Nathaniel.  Now, I have the privilege of watch Nathaniel make Nola laugh, and be a first hand fan at their blooming relationship. Instead of just 2 people waiting to love Nathaniel, there are 3 people waiting to love Nola. Already he greets his sister in the morning, and hugs and kisses her as much as he can.  Something scary has turned into something beautiful. And even when it is still scary sometimes, our love holds us together. My Lord holds me together.


Liz said...

Oh, I love this post! And sweet little Nolaprise. :)

Erin said...

Love this, Courtney! Just catching up on things :)Love your updates, and rootin for you!