Thursday, September 6, 2012

List of Thankfulness: Odds & Ends

Ok, I'm working hard for this list.  I do not feel very thankful!

1. Thomas the Engine-  Nate is in love.  He has been watching it a lot this week, which has given me time with him and a little break.  I love watching him enjoy something that is just for him.

2. My mom bought Nola the correct size of shoe.  I went to Stride Rite (never had an issue before)  they measured Nola at a 6, when she wears a 5.  The selection wasn't good, so we didn't try anything on while we were there. I ordered a pair of silver Bobs.  They are so cute, but too big. Mom to the rescue!  She is really a size 5.

3. Nola has been so excited to see me when I get home, I always woke her up to feed her last year. So this year I don't get to see her in the mornings.  I stand on the stairway every morning and pray that the three people still sleeping will be safe and have a great day...  She is finally calling me mommy, and I love it.

4. Grocery shopping is done, and I love full cabinets of food.

5. Been making lots of iced coffee this week... so good.  My method, 12 cups of water, full filter of coffee grounds (French Roast, or dark roast).  Brew pot, pour over pitcher of ice.  Stick in fridge.  Pour in glass and enjoy!

6. Sleeping pretty well after Nate finally gets settled. 

7. 5am wake up call hasn't been to bad.

8. My hot glue gun.  Nothing is falling off the walls of my classroom.

9. No big behavior issues as of yet in my classroom... Praise!

10.  I am still standing. 

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