Thursday, September 6, 2012


I think things were going better last time I wrote.  What is going on over here in our little Crawford house, I'm not sure.  Nate has entered this bizarre night time drama.  Lots of screaming and crying before he is going to bed.  He goes into his room at his regular time, and cries for 30 minutes.  Calls our names over and over again.  I go in and talk to him, say goodnight again.  And a few nights I even let him come to my room with me.  I am so tired I don't have the energy to stand anymore.  BESIDES all the refusal to go to bed, he is sleeping on the floor.  He tells me he will sweep floor, while he is crying.  I tried to put his mattress on the floor and he still chooses the carpet.
I thought last week maybe this was happening because he wasn't feeling good.  Now, I don't know! 
On top of this, I am getting back into the swing of the overwhelming task of juggling all of our schedules.
School schedule (Lunch, Recess, Specials, Meetings, Testing, Academics, Planning)
Kid's schedule
My mom's schedule
Terrance's schedule at school
Terrance's schedule at Sears
Our babysitter's schedule
Meals, cooking, cleaning, on some kind of routine, it really doesn't deserve to be called a schedule.
Suggestions to help a toddler who is boycotting his expensive bed, sleep?
What about for his mommy?  I need to change how this story is going to end.

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