Sunday, September 23, 2012

Us & Yellow

A Happy Life:
To live with purpose. To say the courageous thing. To celebrate the simple gift. To follow your dreams. This is a happy life. 
~Wayland Henry

This was on one of my favorite birthday cards this year.  Each one of these statements is so true for me.

To live with purpose.  I know that I am only 32, but since turning 30 I feel more comfortable in my own skin.  I feel more comfortable in what I believe and more strength to hold firm to being true to myself, my family values, and lessons I want my kids to learn.  I am proud of what I look like, how loud I laugh, even bad hair days, things that are just me.  When I was younger I was insecure about the stupid things, 30 has allowed me to rid myself of these things, and live with purpose.

To say the courageous thing.  I know I have always had a bold tongue.  I have always been blunt, but growth comes with age along with knowledge and tact.  I have worked in close proximity to many many different types of people, and learning to be a leader in the midst of an ugly storm, and frustrating people has not been easy.  Sometimes, there are moments in your life where if you would just speak up, it would make all the difference.

To celebrate the simple gift.  I love the little things.  A note, a flower, a cup of coffee, time, a song, a text message.  Maybe you'll just ask me how my day went, and it will light up my day.  The simple gifts are what truly make it for me.  Of course, the big once are nice too, but you can't count on them.  Being thankful for the small moments, the joys of laughter, the smiles, the cries of mommy! is the way to go.

To follow your dreams.  To me dreams are possibilities, but just haven't happened yet.  I don't like to dream that I'll win the lottery, or what I would do if I found a treasure chest... um, impossible.  I do dream that Terrance will receiver the job he has worked so hard for.  I dream that I will raise a gentle and strong young man who is responsible and hard working, who loves coffee and laughing, and his Nola.  I dream that I will raise a curly q, blondie who knows she is brave, and fierce, and untouchable.  Who will protect her mind, body and soul at all costs.  A brother and sister who will take care of me when I am old.  I dream I'll get an i phone someday.  I dream to be a stay at home mom.  And in the meantime, I'll dream of a life of pure joy.

This is a happy life.

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