Thursday, September 27, 2012

List of Thankfulness: Naming Names

It's that time of week, where we all just want the weekend to be here, and we wish we could wear jeans to work. 

The sweetest free gift you can give someone is, "Thank you!"  So here's some things I'm thankful for this week.

1.  Thank you to Terrance for helping me clean the kitchen and living room last night.  He came in from being outside, and I exploded... I need your help, with cleaning EVERYTHING!  And he did, without complaining... :) thankfully!

2. Thank you to my mom and Jessica for keeping the babes all week.  I am blessed to come home to smiling, happy, dirty=we had the best day, babies!!!  It's hard for me to believe that they are 2 and 1, and getting older every day!

3. Thank you to Marissia, she's ridden to work with me this week, and its been nice to have someone to talk too.  Sometimes you meet people that you get along with right away, well that wasn't us, but it was pretty close!  We're almost 10 years difference in age, but have a lot in common, especially teaching styles.  Specifically, I thank you for sharing your boyfriend excitement, it has reminded me of all the memories that Terrance and I have.

4. Thank you to our next door neighbors who are NEVER annoyed that Nate wants to play with them, talk to them, swing on their swing, help with everything that they do... it so sweet he gets to be involved with fabulous friends.

5. Thank you to my Starbucks for making my Pumpkin Ice Coffee today, it was so yummy!

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