Sunday, December 9, 2012

List of Thankfulness: We are not...

This is my second year at a new school.  I had created a home at my old school by being there for such a long time. Any time you make monumental changes in your life, it takes much adjusting.  As you know, one of the biggest things that adjusts is the relationships that you had, and the relationships that you don't have at the new place.  All I had last year were first impressions through a blurry, breastfeeding, straight from maternity leave view of people.  I'm thankful we are not our first impressions...

Thankfully we are not

... our first impressions
... the same person that we are when we have emotional breakdowns
... totally insane, even though we feel like we are
... hormonal all the damn time
... not merely what people see, there is always much more than the surface
... our mistakes, people who love you can change
... just a mom
... the unshowered human you might run into at the grocery store
... coffee swallowing, crazy momma screaming at her kids

I'm thankful that I am not limited to my mistakes and the things people see, most of those things are not who I really am.  What a blessing to know that there can be a clean slate, forgiveness and grace. 

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