Sunday, January 27, 2013

Show Me the Proof

I get that your testimony is pretty much when you became a christian, or believer, or the moment of the first time you were grabbed hold of.  We tell this story when we get to know each other at community groups or bible studies...Your story of when you became a christian.

Well gosh, mind is soooo boring.  Standard:  I grew up in a christian family.  He grabbed my heart pretty early.  I believed.  I followed. I screwed up.  He forgave. I kept believing, I kept following. 

You know was much more inspiring.  How we hold on to our faith.  I mean, it is faith.  How it is that we don't just throw in the towel, raise our hands to the air and scream, " to hell with this!"  That, my friends, is the testimony I want to share.  The testimony I want to hear.

Another definition of testimony is proof. The proof is the middle, the steps in between, the angst and moments of flight in life along the way.  The way that you came out of the darkness.  The choices you made when you lost weight.  They desire that you didn't let go of when you wanted to have a baby.  The heart that you pursued,  because you knew that friend had so much more potential.  The proof.  The substance.  The middle.  What you did when you needed Jesus most. How you acted and reacted in the darkness while you nursed your newborn baby and got zeeerrrooo sleep. How you keep loving your husband, when you aren't on the same page. When you took care of your dying parent, and had to let them go.

That is the testimony that is unyielding, restless energy.  Limitless story lines that grasp souls.  When people ask you to share a testimony, this is what we should share.  Our tips, tools, strategies, struggles, deepest moments of doubt, highest points of joy.  Lets tell this. 

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