Saturday, April 17, 2010

tough nipples

boys need balls... you know they need to grow a pair or use the ones they've got. we ladies, we need tough nipples. because that is the only type of pain that i can relate to being kicked in the privates if I was a boy. On April 1, 2010, I really discovered the pain of nursing your newborn. Nathaniel James was born on April Fool's Day at 11:22 AM. He is now 16 days old. Being a new mom definetly requires tough nipples. This is what is happening to you while you are attempting to soak in the fact that you are really a mommy.
- you are not pregnant any more
- you either love or hate not being pregnant any more... I loved it.
- your body is swollen, stitched up, tired, and your tummy looks puffy and you can finally see your stretch marks.
-your baby needs you to feed, change diapers, and hold him immediately
-your nipples hurt a LOT if you are breastfeeding
-you are still in the hospital!
-you transition home at some point
-your husband will get on your nerves, or other family members
-you will cry for no reason, or for every reason.

-you will not be getting any where NEAR the amount of sleep that you usually do.

-the adrenaline will wear off at some point.

-things are changing and its overwhelming

So you can see that you will need tough nipples to get through all of the above and other things that you can probably add to my list. Alot of new moms are having problems with nursing and that is VERY stressful. Thankfully the Lord created women stronger than any man you will ever meet, so we can handle this. But stand up for yourself when you can't, and sleep as much as possible. Your baby needs you, and he is a cutie.

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Josh and Dana said...

Ahhh....totally remember all of this! It IS overwhelming. It DOES hurt. You DO cry. He IS precious. Such a strange and unpredictable mix all at the same time. I think all of this is heightened with the first one. But (as you've probably been told a thousand times) it goes by SO quick so breath it in and accept it for what it is. These are the first bleary-eyed days of your incredible journey. :) And call ANYTIME if you need to cry!