Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Loves

Breathing time has arrived. My hiatus from teacher world. The pause where I said goodbye to a groups of kids I took from 1st grade to 3rd grade. And get to be ONLY a mom for a ocean time out. Then to get hyped again for a new groups of students. 

Hear me clearly. I could NOT TEACH, much less be a good teacher if I did not get to drop it all and walk away for 2 months. I commend summer school teachers, because although its different its still school. It is imperative for me to turn my brain off of overextended teacher mode, on call, constant email. You would think I was a CEO of a HUGE $$$ company. Sadly no, but I run the business out of my classroom. It is a well oiled machine. We all know our expectations, and fall in line. 

So... The ocean is calling me. The sunshine whispers my name, my secrets, my needs to be refilled. The giggles of my littles inspire me, open me to breathe deep. Bathe in sunshine during naps and drink iced coffee morning and afternoon. 

My friends know me so well, they start coming out from behind the careful curtain. Calling later than normal, hanging out later than normal, and going to all the pools we can find. Filling me in on any stories and news I have missed. They love me and respect my teacher life style. 

It's kind of weird to have two different lives. Working and then stay at home summer momma. I struggled when my kids were first born with working. I am thankful to have now made peace. It's a great way to hate and love change simultaneously. 

Welcome Summer! What I love most...
Summer breeze
Summer storms
Sand and ocean 
Fireflies and starry nights
Chilly summer mornings
No alarm, just the cute kind that tickle your feet
Farmers markets
Fresh tomatoes eaten like apples
Watching flowers and veggies grow
Sweet tea and lemonade
No tight squeezed schedule 
Fireworks and good books
Dancing in the kitchen with my kiddos 
Trips to the zoo, and staycations
Ice coffee and more ice coffee

Happy Summer!! 

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