Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Real Deal

You might have read A Love Letter to my Husband, and be curious how things change, heal, and the world keeps spinning after you write something like that.  Of course, the world did keep spinning, and I had more people read that post than ANY other freakin awesome post I ever wrote. 

Well it got harder before it got better. And we had a lot of talking and pursuing to do.  We are by no means perfect, but we had a lot going on, and oh yeah pursue yourselves, your marriage, your partner, was supposed to be a priority.

The school year was still happening, and I was in a good rhythm with being a working mom.  April, Nate turned 3, we had a special pirate party.  And then the end of school tornado happened.  All the students and teachers returned to real life for the summertime.  Nola turned 2, we celebrated with baseball, fireworks, beach trip, and family.  All the while making the daily choice to love each other as husband and wife.  Did you guys know that you were doing that... making a DAILY choice.  It sounds simple, and looks simple when I write it, but it is n. o. t. simple.  It is making and effort to do things out of your comfort zone, to say things that might be out of context, when you have two toddlers hanging on your legs, crying out ITSMYTURN! You probably just wiped a heiny covered in poo and then had to have a serious conversation about Jesus, and then find out what was for dinner before you watched an episode of COPS... seriously this is happening all over the world!!! 

I'm not asking married couples if they love each other any more.  Yeah, I'm asking if you choose each other.  Did you make some conscious effort to ask a hard question, give a compliment, encourage your spouse, buy them a little treat, fill their car up with gas, send them out on an errand without the kids.... what ACTION can you say you did that chose your marriage... encouraged your husband, pursued your wife.

We have to pray for marriage.  We have to do more than love each other.  Our actions have got to be legit and truthful and honest AND a choice. 

So... sorry I haven't written in a while.  I was wiping bottoms, cleaning spills, and choosing my husband.  I know you get it. This is the Real Deal...

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