Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On That Note

My blue moon is my treat today after my two mile run. After a month of running, I moved up! I ran a 12 minute mile and a 15 minute mile. The true test will be maintaining my running when doomsday arrives on August 19. (Teacher works days begin)  My plan is that I will have already built the habit of running daily and that will help me desire to maintain when the school year begins.

So sometimes while running on the treadmill, blasting my beats, I think about random things... and most recently it popped into my head that I have super love for Instagram (especially) and facebook ( 2nd place).  I used to be embarrassed that I kept checking my fb, and insta... I mean really what's wrong with me, like I don't have two real crazies to watch all day long... and when in school... PAlease! my plate is full.

I need my little social media pillows.  They allow me to connect, vent, re-imagine, reinvent, commiserate, celebrate, and not be alone whether its a brief sharing of a picture... or a longer blog post... I feel less alone in the monotony of groceries, diapers, potty training, pool time, dinner, getting in all the family time, and cleaning.  When I post a picture or a thought, and my friends comment, they proclaim their joy, their agreement, their respect, their affection...  reminds me that my every day life is beautiful. I can stop and capture the truest forms of joy in my kids, in cooking, cleaning, laundry, running, planning...

My social media pillows, give me a little hope all day long.  I'm not alone in the monotony, and it can't take me.  I choose to find joy in the littlest events. 

on that note.

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