Friday, August 9, 2013

Mess & Glory

8 is the magic number this week.  My marriage had a birthday, it turned 8. 

I am really proud of us.  Here's the deal with my blog- its real.  Really me, in all my mess and glory. We all have mess and glory, and my goal in my writing is I'll be honest.  If I know you'll read it, then I'll see myself for what I am... a coffee drinking, cursing, cooking, yelling, laughing, failing, slow, and yet keeps trying wife, mommy and friend.

All that to say I'm really proud of us.  We worked hard for 8 years. Two people from different worlds meet, and are excited and happy and in love. Love is fluffy, blinding, it protects us from the future hurt so that you can remember the love in order to prevail over the hurt.  Then you choose to have children and the rollercoaster begins again...

We are human- meaning I'm far from perfect.  In turn means: I have a need for Jesus.  My marriage is human- far from perfect. It needs Jesus too. 

I'm proud of us for turning to Jesus when things got tough this year.  When the monotony got old, and the schedules got tangled, and our hearts drifted apart. In the happiness and joy- times of laughter, we beat the odds again. That brings glory to Jesus.  In our mess & glory... I'm proud of us.  I'm sticking my chest out.  I'll scream how much I love you! I'm thankful, blessed and on my knees... in the mess & glory.

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