Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dreams and Destiny

As you know I blog about my life as a working mommy. You can read more about how I plotted and researched millions of ways for us to afford for me to stay home (I could have worked at Walmart) hormones are a beast! 

My first year as a working mom of two I realize now was just not normal. I had an extremely terrifying group of behavior problems at a new school while nursing my infant and my son was 1. Ok. That's just not normal life. Lots of transition. The great thing was I did nurse Nola for 9 months. (The humming and buzzing of a pumping life is very, very lonely.) and I was home early every afternoon. 

Last year. Was a new found peace. There were hiccups with my family, because, c'mon there has to be some lighting in a storm. In my own little life as super mom- there was peace. My class was 1 in a million. (I see these students now and we all tear up and miss each other like mad.) 

I read this in the book Carry On, Warrior. 
Her dream was adopting, which is why the note at the end is funny. 

How profound- while I was busy plotting and planning my dream... My Lord was busy building my destiny. ( trust me my destiny will change as my kids get older, and when my husband does land his dream job) But right now. Here today, tomorrow, this month, this year---my destiny is different from my dream, and there is just as much beauty in my destiny. 

Keep dreaming, but see the love and beauty in your destiny. 

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