Sunday, September 15, 2013

33 rules for the Un-Superwoman

Don't be afraid to reflect on yourself. Truth helps you grow!

Have one vice (mine is coffee). No matter the diet I'm not cutting it out. 

Buy yourself flowers sometimes. 

Get outside. Work in the yard, jump in leaves. 

Laugh really hard for the hell of it. 

Make fun of yourself. We just can't take ourselves so seriously. 

Be selfless. It will return to you twofold. 

Read. Anything. 

Be creative or fix stuff. I think this helps me feed my colorful soul. Even if its merely spray paint and goodwill picture frames. 

Exercise with a goal in mind and loud fighting music. Kick fat's ass. 

Love without the security system on.  

Make the first move. Be bold. 

Set boundaries for people you love but have a habit of hurting you. You get to call the shots. They need to learn to love you the right way, your the only good teacher for that. 

Raise the bar. Do something new. 

Don't apologize for who you are or make excuses. If you reflect and see something to change make effort to do do... If you see areas you are awesome share it out loud. People need inspiration! 

Be silly. With your loves. Especially show your children how to laugh and giggle. 

Pray. Whether you be happy or mad. Give it up. He is listening. 

Write or paint or dance.  Find an outlet. Just for you and no one else. Try to make time for you. (I am learning his daily!) 

Buy candles. Smell is sensual and relaxing. I have a favorite candle that I splurge on. It's totally worth it. 

Allow yourself to hurt. No need to wallow, but don't ignore the hurt with your head in the sand. Put it on paper, talk about it, cry about it. There are people who are gone from this life that I miss and some days I really ache for them. I let myself ache and think of their smile. 

Rejoice when your life is not erupting and blowing up. Notice the cliche... The small stuff. The moments life goes smoothly. Be thankful. 

Take lots of pictures. I'm sorry I'm obsessed. 

Dance to your kids' favorite music. 

Tell you kids no, they don't need every toy or candy. That's ridiculous. In real life they will hear no and need to learn how to deal accordingly. Their future teachers will thank you. 

Don't spend your life cleaning. 

Curse if you have to. Yup. I do. 

No matter what kind of house you live in, decorate it to make you happy and peaceful.  Start with one room at a time. 

Give and take handmedowns. Repurpose stuff and have fun when you see other kids wearing your littles' old clothes. 

Look at people cross eyed when they spend money like it grows in trees. That's  so out of my realm. 

Time is a miracle. Don't waste it. 

Teach your kids about boiled peanuts, sunrises, the tide, and knock knock jokes. 

Always be a little crazier than everyone else. Maybe you talk loud, or hate movie theaters.  Be weird, I mean yourself. 

Give thanks. And the verbalized it. If you screw up say your sorry. Encouragement and apologizing make others feel better about your relationship. 

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