Thursday, October 24, 2013

Welcome Autumn

Well Hello there Autumn...

I have had a few blog post floating around my brain yesterday... and I've settled on updating you on my life as a mommy of two potty trained toddlers. I mean, holy heavens, this changes our world.

Goodbye cloth diapers.  No more washing you... thank you for saving us so much money... you did your job well.

August came in with a roar... and work got right back where it left off.  My class this year is a group of students with a lot of needs.  So you can add them to your prayer list, since they have entered my loving boot camp, and need to perfect their reading skills to leave me and enter the 3rd grade boot camp.

September breezed by... and now October is almost over.  The Crawford family has settled into a decent schedule, although there are harder days than others.

Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays my hard working hubby trudges off to his part time job at Sears... (appliances anyone?)
So I get him totally to myself on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after we work all day. The other days I share him between the jobs and church and the kids.

My typical work day starts at 5 am. Up and at it, then out the door to be at work by 6:30.  This is how I leave work at 3:00 and get to have the afternoon with my Nate and Nola.  They are growing up so fast, you guys!

Nate is very much in love with diggers, and trucks... especially garbage trucks.  He visited his first garbage dump the other day with Ms. Kim and you would have thought that someone took him to the moon.

Nola lives in a world where she is the main character and she has a lot to say.  She is always taking care of her babies, singing songs, and telling random knock knock jokes.  Knock knock, Who's there? Orange you glad BANANA WHOOOOO! Then she'll slap her knee and laugh like a wild woman, throw her blond hair back and yell, "That's FUNNY"

These two are fighting like cats and dogs, but then they will have a great moment and declare their love for each other and that they are best friends... sounds about right! Discipline is so challenging... I try to take things away, or sit them in time out... but it only lasts a minute before Nola sneaks out, cause Nate distracts me... ugh.  But we work with positive reinforcement... :) or at least try.  Mainly, I just yell and scream and throw stuff like they do, that'll teach 'em.

I find my patience is thin at the end of the day... and when the weekends are long too, its hard.  I don't get much me time.  I'm trying to be more intentional with it, but honestly I'm tired (hello 8:30, I fell asleep the other day... )  I'm putting out fires at work and putting out fires with my kids... its hard to even care about me time... I'd rather sleep. 

Then. there is my marriage.  I'm so thankful to have no doubt in my mind, heart, and soul that I love my husband.  He still looks good, he smells good, he is still funny, and I still enjoy hanging out with him.  Our marriage isn't easy... um let me know if yours is.  We are really different people who have made some poor choices, but he has shown me that he's got my back, he's my confidant, and we can still laugh.  He makes me feel so special when he includes me in his every day life. Coming home and talking to me, texting me asking me how my day is going, bringing me home a bottle of wine... seriously these are the best gifts.  I have felt so much personal insecurity lately, that when he gives these things of himself- it lifts my spirits and makes me feel safe. Its reassuring to know that I'm still wanted by this man, despite my stretch marks, anxiety, doubts and pressures of life.  When I see him keep trying, it makes me want to try harder. 

This is a long post... dang...

So here is my last thought... Pastor Howard Brown has been preaching some no nonsense truth at Christ Central Church.  I can't take notes fast enough.  I have not missed a sermon in 3 weeks... and it is soul food. Of all the bible stuff to preach about, he is in Ezra.... But it is speaking to my mommy heart- the one that tirelessly does the mundane, routine, stuff.  Extraordinary in the ordinary.  You might, should, check it out. 

Thanks for checking in on the Crawfords!


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sweetapple3- said...

Love this, Courtney. We both treasure the real. :)