Sunday, November 24, 2013

Time and Season for All.

I don't know how it happens that minutes, hours and days go by so slowly and yet the next thing you realize it's the week of after Thanksgiving break. 
 Riding the elevator!

So much happened in Octovember. I felt like it was one month.  Mainly just going through the motions of our day to day lives. Get up go to work, cook, play, chat, bath time, bed time. Routine. I  mean, I thrive on it. My routine helps me be a good working mom. Helps my kids not be grouchy. Of course things go off schedule and change an we are flexible. But I do my best to talk to them ahead if time about what the plans are.  My kids like to be in the know. 

We lost our first fish, Thomas. Nate was sooo sad. I didn't think he would be so sad, but he cried and cried. He is tender hearted sometimes...

We trick or treated for the first time, and N & N are still chatting about it. Ms. Kim had them practice ringing the door bell, and it worked. Nate was Wolverine and Nola was a cute pink and purple dancer tutu monster. A perfect pick for both. We started out early, still light outside (less scary) and Nate was all dressed up and couldn't stand it!!  Good thing our neighbors always have candy. We made it the the 1 mile stretch, then it got dark and kids with scary costumes started coming out so we were done. N & N approved! Lots of candy. Lots. 

I ran my first 5k. With my friend Keli. We did the glow run. It wasn't very hard because you have to stop a lot. My friend at work is trying to get me to do the Cooper River Bridge run in April, it's a half marathon... But I'm considering it. Eek!

Nola's little personality is hilfreakinlarious. She backs up like a dump truck and beeps, she sings Tomorrow, tomorrow!! She says words like stretching, that's a good idea, and calls pudding diarrhea in her every day vocabulary. She is only two people!! She is potty trained except for sleeping, 2 only. 2. (I happily admit I do not potty train my children, Ms. Kim does). Nola loves reading and picks up songs like crazy.  And sings them all the time. She even tells me when she is ready for bed. We (all her adults) are just mesmerized by her loveliness. 

Nate is punching, kicking, heeeyaing. I find it very stressful to constantly be beat up. It's hard to knock him out when I get side swiped! He tells me all about garbage trucks, excavators, diggers, Revenge of the Dinotrux. We have banned Power Rangers, not only because it's horribly made but he punches a million times more when he watches it. Just like when I watch shows with lots of cursing! I curse more!! He is so clever and intuitive. Today he told Ms. Kim he didn't want to sleep with his socks on because he wants his toes to touch his soft blanket. On the other hand most days are Opposite Day with him, you say left he says right, he spits like a camel, and will slug you out if the blue.  Boys. Are. So. Rough. 

We grilled out first whole chicken and then a turkey for Thanksgiving. It was the best turkey I ever ate. We brined it and made our own gravy. I'm so glad we did it together. 

I'm a proud wife. I'm so thankful to see my husband work freakishly hard and falling in love with each other again and again has been life changing. He continues to make connections and pursue his desire to be in Assistant Principal. I'm inspired by his bravery. I believe it will happen, I just don't know God's timing yet. But there is a time for everything, and I live in joyful moments, praise Him in the trials, and continue to pray through disappointment. We are a team. A team with two toddlers, trusting and having faith, and doing lots of laundry. 

I'm trying not to let the hustle and bustle steal my joy for Christmas. Tonight we went for a walk. I got to exercise and the littles gazed at the lights. Nate and Nola's pure joy is contagious. I'm loving seeing the holiday through their eyes.  

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