Monday, June 23, 2014

hello monday... rest and reset

This week I'm trying something new... linking up with some other blogs to say hello to a new week!  Its fun to write about things that other people are writing about.  It is also fun to be given a topic and let your words do the walking.

Hello to my first full week of summer. Hello, I'm a teacher.  Welcome Teacher.
seriously, where is the support group?  The sunshine greets me, and so does the lack of a schedule.  I'm looking forward to my vacations that are all set up in July.  June is kind of my recuperating month.  Lost of REST.  You just chuckled right... who rests with a 4 and 3 year old?  Still though, its rest.  I'm resting when I SIT down and they play in the pool.  I rest when I fall asleep during nap time.  I rest and reset when we laugh and play with no place to be.

Hello to GOODBYE of a rough allergy week.  I didn't realize they could be so hateful.

Hello to pink eye for Nola... and lots of applications of doTERRA lavender and melaleuca oils to help her heal. Fingers crossed I'm saving myself ANOTHER trip to the pediatrician (dislike).

Hello to having my energy back to get a work out in EVERY DAY! I hate getting to the place where I feel contentment in my lack of working out... I wish my skin would cringe with the thought of it, but I get sinfully content in not working my body out.  And YET still do not like the fat on my body and still tell it to get off of me all the time... see the problem? Hello Jillian Michaels... let's do it all summer!

Hello to my little lady turning 3.  We celebrated all week.  She is such an amazing little girl.  On her birthday she had a lot of phone calls.  Each time...

Nola the phone is for you.
Oh. Hello?  WHO IS THIS???
and then we all laugh.

Hello to being at home with the hubby and the kiddos.  Gosh, I just love parenting together.  I feel so much more frustration and anger when I'm parenting alone for long periods of time.  I do not know how single parents do it... you guys are freaking rock stars.  Of course I do realize that you do it, because you have to, and because you love your children, and hopefully you have an amazing support team... because it take a village... a globe, even.

Hello Monday!(Let's be real, my summer mondays run together...) 

Linking up with Lisa Leanard and Happy Little Lovelies.

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