Wednesday, June 25, 2014

thirsty thursday

Most thirsty Thursdays are all about some dranks... a delicious adult beverage.  Strangely I type this and Nola is noisily gulping a bottle of water.  I've been trying to think of topics to go with the day... I figured it might help me remember that I do have something to write about.  

I got to thinking, what are you thirsty for?  


  [thur-stee]  Show IPA
adjective, thirst·i·er, thirst·i·est.
feeling or having thirstcraving liquid.
needing moisture, as land; parched; dry or arid: the thirsty soil.
eagerly desirous; eager: thirsty for news.
causing thirstDigging is thirsty work.
And even better... consult the urban dictionary... and get this... 

1. Too eager to get something (especially play
2. Desperate
(Boy running up) "Ay gurl whasup? Look, you lookin real nice, can I get that young number?" 

(Girl under breath) "Thirsty"


What do you eagerly desire, that you look a fool for cause you are sooooo thirsty? It could be something that is short term, maybe its that real job you always wanted, and of course it could be that new pair of shoes you've been dreaming about.  

I'm thirsty for the beach.  I haven't been yet this summer.  And I'm READY!
I'm thirsty for a trip with my hubby.  I look forward to getting away together.  
I'm thirsty for a good night's sleep!!!  Either I've been coughing, or the kids took turns waking up at 3 am... maybe tonight is the night!
I'm thirsty for time to myself.  No matter what that looks like.  Today it was time with friends at their pool, and allowing myself to give the kids time with others... while giving myself time in a lounge chair. (YESSIREE)
I'm thirsty for catching up with some friends I haven't seen in awhile, and for deepening relationships that are important to me.
I'm thirsty for creating an exciting summer for my N & N. I always describe my breaks from school as vacation.  This way we always know that it is short term but exciting.
A delish summer ale sounds great too.
What are you thirsty for?

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