Monday, July 7, 2014

hello monday... on the road again

It's time again. Drive time. I knew it this morning when I woke up to thunderstorms and extremely winey children. 

They are done. Done socializing, done with late nights, done sleeping in the same bed. We had a great trip, lots of family time, bbqs, and now we are ready. 

Hello to...
Driving back tomorrow!
Our own beds!!!!!
Our own house and space. 
Cooking in my own kitchen. And own grill- I learned I'm very spoiled my husbands grilling expertise and the seasonings we use when we grill. 
To coffee!!!!!!! My coffee. With caffeine. I did go Duncan donuts one day... 

Hello to...
Pool time with friends. 
The beach in a few weeks! 

I'm taking these winey kids home! That's exciting. 

We had a lot of fun while we were here though...

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