Monday, July 14, 2014

It's Pensive Over Here... hello monday

We arrived home this past week and it was a great week after we got all settled in. We hit the pools, the sunshine felt wonderful, we had a spend the night and Nana and Papa's house, and I relished in a few hours to myself.  I worked out with a sweet friend at the Y.  I had a dinner with some girlfriends at On the Border, and then a Sunday treat at a favorite place Heist.  Thank you girlfriends, for the much needed laughter, and secret sharing.

So this week we are saying hello to...

hello...   The splash pad!!  We will make it this afternoon!!!

hello...   Allowing my heart to open to some deeper friendships. Why is it so hard to make new girl friends... you know you still need them after you get married.  I want to be able to text randomly, not always have to make a phone call, be able to call with any issue and not be judged but get some honesty.  A friend who is supportive and funny and that we have stuff in common... really, is it too much to ask for?

hello... oil meetings-- What a strange hippie thing to say!! These oils are the real deal, and my whole family is using them now.  Crawford Party of Four, are healing, detoxing, weight losing, heart rate monitoring, pink eye fighting, sleep inducing, anxiety monitoring, headache beating doTERRA oil users.  and I love it all!

hello... Sam Smith he sings and he is good.  My two favorite songs are Stay with Me and Latch. His voice is dreamy...

hello... changing my blog around?  I'm thinking, new design, new name... some fresh spiffing up.  Anyone purchase a pre made blog template, they are cheaper than having your own blog template created for you, and look really cute, however other people can purchase them... and look the same.  I'm thinking... oh, what to do? Currently, my new brainstorm name for the blog is NamelyCourtney instead of JustCourtney, or EspeciallyCourtney, or CourtneyParticular, or CourtneyLately (hello Chelsea Lately, that won't work)  MY other idea is WakingCourtney, this blog is all about discovering who I am... Waking my true self up... any thoughts?

hello... puzzles I HATE PUZZLES. I've banned them, unless they have a case that they can be kept in. Guess what N & N got from NANA... Puzzles with a case.  Isn't she smart! The 5 different puzzles have their own little section in a box, and then she got a case that has a lid and the puzzle box fits in there.  Genius... although the whiney whiney whiney "I need help" is giving me a headache.

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Erin@IndigoHouse said...

Courtney, check out KateStevens Designs on Etsy. She just did a custom blogger blog using their simple template and her beautiful graphics. It was incredibly reasonable. She also has pre made templates. Good luck! Here's her link: