Friday, July 11, 2014

oh hey, FRIDAY!

I've been looking for a link up for Friday... and my friend happy little lovelies found this one... 

here are the directions from her blog... 

if you're unfamiliar with how the linkup works...allow for a quick explanation - 

write up a little post about five things. anythings. five hot men. five pinterest outfits. five treadmill workouts. five of your favorite recipes...literally anything you want. 

5 things to do BEFORE my SUMMER ends!
you know what teachers do in the summer?  make up for time they miss during the school year, which is fun, and sometimes can feel like a lot of obligations and doctors appointments. those things are not welcome on this list... this, this is the adventure.

1. We have got to use the GROUPON for Kannapolis Recreational Park that I purchased a while ago.  22$ for a 4 passes.  Very cheep compared to the original price. There are water slides, and a huge pool, and a little kids pool.  I'm excited to have a sunny, ah-hem, sunny DAY for this.  Maybe it will come next week!

or the voice of a cool pool... hehe

2. Splash Pad, Village park has a fun splash pad, if you can see through the campers that tend to show up.  Also it costs $1.00 a person, and adults do not have to pay!!

3. A trip with my BOYFRIEND!  You guys, I can't wait to get away with my hubs!  He is super cute, and has great shoulders... stop looking at him!  We need an adult trip, and I think its really in the works!

4. Mani/Pedi for mama!  Does this even need explanation? If I try to do my own toes and nails, I'll have to find time that I will not be needed or demanded to get chocolate milk, or french toast.  I have to hopefully have a nap time to do them so they can dry and look like a gremlin didn't do them. IF I do them at night, I'll probably fall asleep on wet nails = hot mess. 

5. Read 1 book.  Look here... do not judge me.  I used to read 10 books a summer.  TEN, 10, TEN long, huge, small print, books... with big words in them... NOW the toddlers have taken over.  I get through a sentence and there is a fight to break up and sharing to commence.  Then, here I am trying to read at night, and guess who falls asleep... I KNOW pathetic.  I'm hoping to squeak out one book.  I did read The Fault in Our Stars, and saw the movie last month.  (it's wonderful).

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Katie @ The Macarthurs Lately said...

Saying HI from the September Farms linkup! You and your bf are so cute! Hope you get to go on your trip soon! Oh, and side note, I do a ton of Friday linkups and they're all mentioned at the bottom of my post if you want to check any of those out! {not trying to do a shameless check out my blog lol} Anyways, hope you have a wonderful weekend!