Thursday, July 31, 2014

thirsty thursday... Satisfied


    [thur-stee]  Show IPA
adjective, thirst·i·er, thirst·i·est.
feeling or having thirstcraving liquid.
needing moisture, as land; parched; dry or arid: the thirsty soil.
eagerly desirous; eager: thirsty for news.
causing thirstDigging is thirsty work.

What are you thirsty for this week? 

...Craving liquid...
...Needing Moisture... 

I finally made it. Salty, crashing waves every day this week.  Watching my babies learn new tricks in the pool, and figure out how to toss and turn with the tide.

I've been so thirsty for this since June. 

My very favorite place on earth. 

And I'm screaming from the rooftops... THIS IS THE MOST RELAXING BEACH TRIP SINCE NATE WAS BORN!!

Sorry, was that too loud.  I had one summer when Nate was infant when I was a mama of only 1 child.  Then, hello Nola... and hello Nola every day forever more amen. 

She is my pistol.  Then Nate starts getting her riled up, and I'm sounding crazy in a public place.  

Anyways, this has been such a wonderful quench for my thirst.  My littles are loving the beach. They are learning to surf and jump waves all by themselves. We have gone on adventures to find shells, sea creatures (squid), and sand dollars

Family time, cousin time, pool time, sand time, walking time, riding time, alone time, mommy daddy time, & sleeping time.  There is a time for everything.

A time for thirst to be satisfied, extinguished, cooled, quenched. 
Seek out good news.  Allow yourself to rejoice in the good news.
Give your good news a name.  


  [kwench]  Show IPA
verb (used with object)
to slake, satisfy, or allay (thirst, desires, passion, etc.).
to put out or extinguish (fire, flames, etc.).
to cool suddenly by plunging into a liquid, as in tempering steelby immersion in water.

Proverbs 25:25English Standard Version (ESV)
Like cold water to a thirsty soul,
    so is good news from a far country.

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