Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hello Monday... Tuesday

Here we are in Fripp Island, SC. 

It's more beautiful than we expected.  We still feel like we are in low country, yet it is a resort.  
The beaches are stunning and very child friendly.  They can run for miles! These first two pictures are from the internet... and give a great idea of what the island looks like. The last few are some memories we have already made! 

My sand crab girl.

Open sand.  The beach has become more blissful as my kids have gotten older. 

Golf cart silliness.

There is a pool that meets the ocean.  When you look down there is this view. 

This is our view from the dinner table.

I guess it was either 3 or 4 years ago.  I can't remember if Nate was born or not yet.  We were in Litchfield and Adelaide saw an add in a magazine with these adorable kids who were holding hands facing the beach.  So she made her brother pose and take the picture.  It was so cute.  Last night I decided I needed an updated shot.  Next year we'll add Meiomi. 

What am I saying Hello to this week... 

salty air
beach views
rocky clifts
warm breezes
sunny days
breakfast mornings with family
watching cousins fall in love
precious alone time
unstoppable laughing 
quality time with my hubs...

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