Friday, August 15, 2014

oh hey FRIDAY

Write about 5 things, any 5 things... go for it!!!  I love to write, and this is fun for me.  I love to get my students excited about writing by giving them freedom, encouragement, and showing them that you can be creative with your words!

my five things this week... drum ROLL!

1 !  I almost finished Orange is the New Black season 2, so I'll be all caught up!!!!!!  (I know its got a lot of sex going on) However, there are episodes that chill out a little bit with it and it is fascinating!!!!!  I also love the name Piper!  Really, what would like be like if you were normal one day and normal was prison?

2 !  Monday is a school day.  We found a nanny.  Amen.  We had a brilliant summer overall, and I still am sad to lose Ms. Kim.  She is just a freaking special lady.

3 ! Learning how to keep up with your dearest friend on the phone when you are a phone hater.  YUP I am a phone hater, I hate to talk on the phone.  When I am talking on the phone I cannot multitask.  I cannot put you on speaker, because then ITS TOO LOUD over here.  I can't put the phone down in that case, and then my hands are tied up and I must resign myself to sitting and just talking... while I look around my house and see things that need fixing.  However, for her I will, and I do.  Weekly, with numerous texting, and social media going on.  Miss her... I sure do!

4 ! Four year olds are better than three years olds.  What is 3 doing to me... why is 3 so stubborn, naughty, and defiant about going to BED!  My friends with older kids have given me permission to just put her in Nate's room or let her sleep with me when she wakes up in the middle of the night.  I thank them for this... I just can't lose the sleep that I DO get!

5 ! I'm going to someone new for a hair cut today, and I'm excited!!!  My normal gal, had a terrible family loss, and had to travel.  So, I'm borrowing a friends girl who is closer to me.  I love getting my mop trimmed... this sheeeeeeeit is LONG right now!!!  Gotta be cute for the first week of school, oh wait... nobody cares! :)  

Happy weekend friends!!!!  Sometimes its good just to write with a sense of humor! This week was sad and hard in the world, and its nice not to have to go there.  So try to give yourself some grace today...

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