Monday, August 18, 2014

Hello Monday: #backtoschoolhustle

Our last week and weekend before we headed back to school today was actually really great.  We finally made it to the splash pad, and road our little park train one more time.  I taught a few essential oil classes this week, and people said I did a good job!!  It's fun doing something that you like to do!  I gave up my sleep fight with Nola and she has been sleeping in Nate's room on her mattress or she finds her way to my room at some point.  I was trying to remember what Nate did that was weird with sleep, and I was reminded by my mom that he slept on the floor for a few months!!! (kids are weirdos)  Friday we went to the pool with our friends Maggie and Liam, and ordered Jet's pizza (LOVE).  Saturday we hung out with Nana and saw Aunt Abby.  Saturday evening we went to a cook out.  And Sunday I cleaned and got ready for Monday.  I finished up a class I taught on Facebook and mailed out samples of peppermint, lavender, and wild orange essential oils.  (enjoy friends!)

So Sunday evening we did the best thing, probably my favorite thing all summer.  We took a little family walk around the block.  I watched as Nate and Nola got ready, put their shoes on, got so excited to ride their bikes.  Terrance suggested our walk, which warms my heart.  While we were walking, I lagged behind, mostly with the slow biker, Nola.  Pride fills my soul to watch my boys talking and walking.  Creating memories.  Enjoying fresh air, while listening to Terrance's encouraging words.  I don't care how fast or slow we walk, I don't care how hot we get, I don't even care if I have to carry a bike when a kiddo gives up.  It's just being together and doing something for free.  Joyful moments

ps  Nola is a terrible bike driver.

This week I'm saying hello to #backtoschoolhustle

hello EARLY mornings.  I'm trying to be up to do something active at 5:30.  First day I failed.

hello to packing lunches

hello to sitting in meetings and getting my new classroom set up!

hello 3rd grade!  I'm moving up with 13 of my students from last year!  I'm excited, especially about my new friends to work with.  I'm most worried about is teaching 3rd grade math... eek!

hello missing my babies, a lot lot LOT of multi tasking, and schedules!!!

hello to making goals and sticking to them... Must keep losing weight!  4 lbs gone, so far!

The school year is my new year.  Its fresh and new, and comes too soon every time.  I'm thankful for fresh crayons and designing a new classroom, but mostly that I have figured out how to make this job work best for my working mama heart and soul.  Grateful for the strength I've been given, and the grace to persevere.

hello monday

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