Thursday, August 14, 2014

thirsty thursday: Answers

It's been such a blessing to create deeper relationships this summer.

How do you know that your relationship has changed into a more intimate friendship?

Time and memories, sharing moments with your families, grilling out, hosting a girls night, singing karaoke at the top of your lungs, drinking good coffee, running a 5k, phone calls, text messages, blogging, reading books together, going to a tear jerker movie, taking turns watching each others kids, beach trips, games of Uno, chats over coffee... this has been my summer with my friends.

Just showing up can actually create relationships, how crazy is that?  It might even create a long lasting friendship that you didn't see coming.

In a lot of our conversations this week, I noticed my friends are thirsty for so many different things.
We are all longing for answers.  Searching for solutions.  Our mouths are open for a cool drink. Relief after the hard, sleepless nights.

It doesn't matter if the answers we need are to small questions or the big ones.  We are waiting, patiently for answers.  The concluding factor in our journey.  The adventures have no ending right now, we're still walking to the end of the hike.  We need water.

We're thirsty for attention from our husbands, answers about child care,  stressful jobs, stretching our money, making marriages stronger, being better parents, managing our time, being alone, moving to a new house, having babies, and being new moms.  These things are real and heavy.  Sometimes the answers take years.

Prayer is like that she whispered. Sometimes it can take days, months, years. And then sometimes when I get really quiet...I listen and I can see, hear and feel the answers all at the same time.

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