Thursday, September 4, 2014

oh hey friday!!!! ITS FRIDAY

All summer long, EVERY DAY is Friday for me!!  I'm a teacher, and when school starts there is no holding back... which means now we are back to Fridays!

My top 5 favorite things to do on Friday!

1.  On Fridays, last year at my school, I started brewing coffee to share every Friday morning.  BYO Mug, and chat, or grab a cup and go.  I get up early, arrive early, and brew coffee.  My classroom smells so good, and the friendships are blooming.  It's really great way to become more acquainted with teachers you don't usually get to see.

2.  Assessment Day-  Fridays in the classroom we stop and check in with assessments.  Did I do a good job of teaching this week?   Also it is nice to have an end point... I can self assess my own personal goals.

3. Knowing that Friday night I'll sleep awesome and not have to get up early on SATURDAY!!!

4. Friday Dance Parties... does that need more explanation?  I love a good Friday song that you hear in the morning, and pumps you up all day long.

5.  Fridays are so much sweeter when my hard working hubs is off work from his part time job.  Woohoo! We get to relax, laugh at the kiddos, and grill out of course!

Thanks to M for this golden nugget!
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