Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Set the bar low...

That doesn't sound like a good idea does it?

Not to set expectations for yourself too high.  Maybe even setting them low.

This summer I began my essential oil journey.  It has been a blessing to my life.  To have some new friends, and something that doesn't belong to any one else.

I've been finding myself again for the past few years... and although it will always be something I deal with, these little years with babies, diapers, potty training, and toddlers ARE SO HARD.   They deplete you.  I had to reclaim my space.  Reclaim my life.  Find Courtney...

When I went on a "oil retreat". On a farm.  In Virginia.  I had no idea what to expect... a bunch of granolas hanging out... chit chatting about oils and organic foods... :)  Of course they were there... but more than that I took away something life changing.  Giving myself a break.

See there is a habit I want to change.  I want to lose weight.  I know that my habits effect my weight, and so does working, and stress and lifestyle.  We listened to a session about how to change habits.  It went something like this...

You are trying to change a habit.  You want it to last.  Give yourself 3 goals.... 1. EASIEST goal, you can totally complete every day.  2. Goal on Target  3.  CRAZY goal that is you going above and beyond.  You know what number 1 is???? Setting the bar low... so you can cross it.  So you can achieve it. I need this.

Here is what my goals are...
1. Do something active for at least 10 minutes.
2. 30 minute work out
3. 45 min - 1 hr of exercise.

This goal of exercise, broken down like this... especially starting back to work and multitasking more times than I can count, has allowed me some success.

What would your goals be? I didn't set a goal for no work outs, and that still happens however if I have any energy left over after my day it goes to my first goal.

And this is how I can change my habits. Setting the bar low.

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