Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hello Saturday

I'm about to get my coffee... and I need to write.

I miss writing regularly like I get to in the summer.  I'm hoping that can change a little bit as we get past the beginning of the year.

We have finally settled into our routines... and change is around the corner.

My husband is starting a new job.  I'm proud of him.  I haven't really talked about it.  He finally shared it with all our friends.  As many of you know he has been trying since Nate was born to be an Administrator for an Elementary school, and that has not panned out.  Another job has, and we are really excited to make big family jumps together.

Our Church family, Christ Central Church, moved into a new building... We met in the Neighborhood Theater for 10 years.  Terrance and I have been there for 8 years.  It was amazing to watch our pastor preach from a pulpit that hadn't had a concert on it the night before.

Our new child care has gone well.  We have had a few bumps, like getting three kids to nap at the same time... :) but it's been successful.

I'd love to say
hello to the farmers market today
hello to a good work out, like a goal 2 or 3 work out today!  Set the bar low, are my goals for exercise and changing habits.
hello to nursery this weekend for church
hello to some time alone

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