Saturday, September 6, 2008

Falling into September

Hello everyone, I've missed you. This time of the year is always the CRAZIEST for me... the start of the school year. The great thing about being a teacher is that if you love repetition and change at the same time its perfect! You are teaching similarly as the year before, you are still working with students, but you have new kids, new parents, and a new year. A new year to start fresh, to create and to influence little minds. I love the month of September because, especially for us September birthday people it represents a new age of strength, knowledge and life. The crisp fall air joining the freshness of the season change always inspires me to try new things, and take nothing for granted. And although I'm very excited, it still catches me off guard and rather than walking into September prepared and ready I still seem to fall. Fall into fall. Falling quickly and landing hopefully on my feet. Last year was so different. I was getting ready for the National Board process... and thank you Jesus, this year I'm not. This year I'm just waiting to hear about passing... or passing. Those are the only two options. I should hear back in December... maybe November. This new year also symbalizes a new year of marriage. We just celebrated our 3rd year of marriage in August. My marriage's birthday always brings me a lot of joy. I am continually proud of the hard work that we put into our relationship, and am praying that Christ will continue to guide us through the ups and downs of life.

So, as I'm falling in to September... happy to see red leaves, pumpkins and feel the cold flow through my hair... I'm hoping that you are looking forward to it too!

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